What’s worse: coming home to an apartment that’s only 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature, or receiving a heating bill that’s 20 percent of your rent? Those are both unpleasant and undesirable situations, but fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s Cold Outside, But Warm At Our Luxury Apartments In Broomfield!

As luck would have it, the Stonegate Apartments are here to help you try and save a little money here and there on your heating costs this winter. It’s true that this winter may be far from the coldest winter we’ve had on record (though we have experienced a number of particularly chilling days thus far), but it’s never a bad idea to stay comfortable in your luxury apartment while saving some money on your heating bill in the process.

Whether you’re out to pinch pennies or just to kill the time on a chilly Sunday afternoon, remember that our blog is here as a resource for our Broomfield apartment residents. From us to you, thanks for stopping by!

Keep reading below for some practical ways to keep the heat in and the massive heating bills out this winter.

Use The Sun To Your Advantage

The sun won’t always pop out of the thick clouds, but this is Colorado, after all — a state known for 300+ days of sunshine each year. That’s a lot of natural sunlight to take advantage of in order to warm your apartment, so do it! Even if the air temperature is 15 degrees outside with a nasty wind chill (a day better spent indoors, no doubt), your apartment can stay quite warm with the help of that friendly yellow guy in the sky.

Though it’s a bit of a tricky dance given how the sun goes in and out of the cloud cover, simply open up your window coverings and let that wonderful sunshine beam through. Speaking of window coverings…

Use Thick, Insulating Window Coverings To Keep The Heat In

…and keep the cold out. Exposed windows are, as we mentioned, great for letting the sunlight into your Broomfield apartment, but they’re not doing you any good when it’s dark outside. Insulate your apartment space by covering up your windows with nice, thick curtains. Trust us, you’ll be glad that you did when you’re comfortably warm and you have a little more cash in your wallet.

Opt For An Energy-Efficient Space Heater

Getting your own space heater is completely optional, and of course, you’re spending money in and of itself just to save money. But isn’t that how investments work a lot of the time? Oftentimes, space heaters make sense because they do exactly that: heat up a particular space. If you choose one of our one bedroom layouts and you live alone — and you spend most of your time in one room — why run the central heat throughout your entire apartment?

With a space heater, you’ll be extra toasty because the heat is nearby and directed straight toward you. The biggest plus? You save a decent chunk of change each month as compared to turning on your apartment’s heating system.

(Carefully) Keep Your Oven Door Open Once You’re Done Using It

If you’re not into wasting energy (and honestly, who is?), then we strongly recommend using the electricity required to heat up your oven to your warming advantage. After you’re done baking or cooking something, simply leave the door to your oven open. This allows that pent-up warm air to evenly circulate throughout your apartment, creating a temporary heating system.

Just make sure to watch out for any pets who may be interested in what you’re cooking, because as we’ve said before, the Stonegate Apartments are proud to be a pet-friendly apartment complex in Broomfield.

Dry Air? Humidify Your Apartment By Showering With Your Door Open

Now, we only recommend doing this if you have a one bedroom apartment with us, or you really trust the people that you live with. By keeping the door open when you shower, you’ll automatically release, warm, damp air throughout your apartment space (and even the smell of your cosmetic products, which may or may not be a good thing).

If you’ve been suffering from dry skin and no amount of lotion is doing the trick, this is a clever way to humidify your apartment space.

Use A Cozy Jacket Or A Blanket

We get it. The point of paying for one of our luxury Broomfield apartments is that you can be comfortable in it, right? That’s true, but if you’re looking to save on heating costs, the best way to do so (besides insulating it and covering your windows) is simply to not use your heat in the first place. You probably have plenty of warm jackets and comfy, lounge-worthy clothes lying around your apartment, so why not use them to your advantage even when you’re indoors?

Admit it, cuddling up next to your gas fireplace (and ironically using energy) with a fuzzy blanket draped over you is comfortable to say the least. And yes, the Stonegate Apartments have fireplaces!

Your Home In Broomfield: The Stonegate Apartments

So long as you’re comfortable and happy living at our spacious pet-friendly apartments in Broomfield, we’re happy, too. Need assistance or additional accommodations? We’re here for you. Feel free to learn more about our surrounding neighborhood or get in touch with the Stonegate Apartments today!

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