1. Mountain in Boulder Colorado

    How to Plan the Perfect Day in Boulder

    With 300 days of sunlight every year, Colorado is almost always bright and warm. Even if you’re living in a luxurious apartment in Stonegate apartments in Broomfield, it still pays to make plans ahead to make the most of your stay. If you want a day all to yourself, here are some things you can ad…Read More

  2. Tips For First Time Renters

    Whether you’re moving out of your parent’s home or headed off to school, renting your first apartment is an exciting time. For the first time in your life, it’s entirely up to you to decide where you want to live and how you’ll spend your time in your new home. Although it’s understandable…Read More

  3. Five Fun Summer Activities Just a Short Drive From Broomfield

    Colorado is a special place, just ask anyone who lives here. Majestic mountain peaks, mild climate, more than 300 days of sunshine a year — what’s not to love? Living in Colorado makes you want to spend as much of your time outdoors as possible, which is why summers here are so special. Hot sunn…Read More

  4. Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips

    It’s finally that time of year. After a long, dark winter that consisted of social distancing and too much time on the couch, there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only is there an end to the pandemic in our sight, but the longer days and warmer temperatures are also signaling th…Read More

  5. Should You Rent or Buy?

    If you’re moving to a new area or are in the process of getting your first place, you might be wondering about whether or not you should buy or rent. Either way, you have a big decision on your hands that could affect your lifestyle and financial situation for the long term. You may have heard peo…Read More

  6. Tips For Hosting the Perfect Holiday Party in Your Apartment

    It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. This year, because of the health pandemic, many people are staying close to home and celebrating in smaller groups. If you’re planning to host a get-together for you and your roommates or a few close friends and family, now is t…Read More

  7. Five Tips For Organizing Your Apartment

    Whether you live alone or with a roommate or two, keeping clutter to a minimum can be quite a challenge. No matter how hard you try, there just never seems to be enough room for all of your gadgets, trinkets, and gear. And, although most people long for the day when they'll actually have a larger ho…Read More

  8. Fun Things To Do Within 30 Minutes of Your Apartment in Broomfield

    Stonegate Living apartments in Broomfield is the complete package for those looking to rent an apartment around the Denver or Boulder area. We offer spacious apartments that are available in multiple floor plans to suit your needs. Each space is thoughtfully designed and includes modern features to …Read More

  9. Five People Who Will Love Living In Our Apartments In Broomfield

    When it comes to finding the perfect place to call your own, you have many options — should you rent or buy? Should you consider getting an apartment, condo, or single-family home? If it’s just you, maybe you should just rent a room? The type of home you choose can have a big influence on your l…Read More