Have you ever noticed how happy pet owners look as they play catch with their furry friends in the park? Maybe you’ve thought about getting a pet but weren’t sure if you have the time or patience to care for one. The truth is, pets are a big responsibility, but they also bring so much joy into our lives. Not only that, but experts also say that having a pet can offer real health benefits beyond happiness. In today’s post from Stonegate Living, we’re going to talk about all of the benefits of living with a pet. Keep reading, and if you’re concerned that you won’t be able to have a pet if you’re living in an apartment, check out our pet-friendly apartments today!

It’s no surprise that most people like animals, but our canine and feline friends hold a special place in our hearts. They’re loyal, they don’t judge, and they have a knack for doing crazy things that bring smiles to our faces. If that wasn’t enough, here are just a few of the other benefits that living with a pet can offer.     

Reduce Stress

Most people admit to dealing with some kind of stress on a daily basis. Whether it’s because of a demanding job, money problems, or a difficult relationship, having a pet waiting for you at home can provide great stress relief. Just knowing that you’ll receive a welcome greeting when you walk through the door is sometimes enough to make your troubles melt away. If that doesn’t do it, you can be sure they won’t give up trying to make you feel better. Pets have a way of knowing when you’re sad, anxious, and unhappy and they have an uncanny way of knowing just what to do.

  Keep You From Feeling Lonely

Humans are social creatures that tend to be happiest and healthiest in the company of others. That’s not to say that some people actually prefer to live alone. Whether you live alone by choice or not, a furry friend can offer you the companionship you need. Unlike a human roommate that can be loud, messy, or just plain difficult to get along with, a pet has minimal needs and can offer much in return. This is especially helpful for people who find it difficult or uncomfortable to live alone. Find your purr-fect fur-ever friend and you’ll never feel alone again.    


The world can be a scary place — especially if you live alone. Fortunately, a pet can offer a certain level of security. Dogs are particularly protective and usually alert their owners of impending danger, whether it’s real or perceived. A small dog may not be able to protect you from an intruder, but it can probably bark loud enough to make someone change their mind about breaking in.   

Become More Active

If you have a goal to be more active, get in shape, or lose a few pounds, you’ll be happy to know that a dog can help you do just that. Just like humans, dogs require frequent exercise to stay healthy. Plus, they need to be taken out regularly for bathroom breaks. This will get you up off of the couch and moving more frequently. But why not up your game and make your dog part of a healthy new lifestyle? Commit to training for a 5K with the help of your furry friend. Or, take your new companion with you as you explore some new Colorado hiking trails. A pet can motivate you to be more active, especially when you don’t feel like it.   

Help You Meet New People

If you want a sure way to meet new people, all you have to do is head out the door with your furry companion. People are attracted to animals and you’ll be amazed at how many people will stop you to ask about your pet. Are you new to the area? Do you feel awkward introducing yourself to others? Get a dog and you’ll see just how quickly you make new friends.  

Improve Your Immune System

People who are exposed to a variety of bacteria often have stronger immune systems than those who live in a more sterile environment. Pets usually spend a lot of time outside and can bring dirt and bacteria into your home. Although this may seem like a bad thing, it actually helps by exposing you to microorganisms that can boost your immunity to colds and other minor illnesses. 

Looking For a Pet-Friendly Apartment in Broomfield? 

Many apartment communities have policies against pets, but we understand just how important they are to our lives. That’s why we offer pet-friendly apartments — so you don’t have to choose between your home and your pet. For a full explanation of our rules and pet fees, please visit our pet policy page or contact us directly.  

Stonegate Living apartments in Broomfield offers the perfect combination of luxury and convenience in a beautiful mountain location close to Denver and Boulder. Our 1-, 2-, and 3- bedroom apartment homes feature washers and dryers, walk-in closets, well-equipped kitchens, and a private patio or balcony. You’ll also enjoy our resort-style amenities including a 24-hour fitness center, hot tub, pool, and grilling area. And did we mention that we also have perks for your favorite canine? We’re just a short walk to the nearest dog park and we have a dog wash area for quick and easy clean up of your pet. 

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