cool towns near stonegate living apartments broomfield

We have basic needs as humans: food, clothing, and shelter. If we have all three, we can physically survive. As a basic need, housing is important. Many people want to be comfortable in their homes, while also being close to other things that matter to them, such as friends, family, their work, and to activities they like to do. This is why many people choose Colorado to call home, and in particular, Stonegate Living Apartments in Broomfield.

Our luxury apartments stand out from the crowd in many ways, including our amenities, our proximity to Denver and Boulder, and our close proximity to the mountains. By choosing Stonegate Living, you are choosing a comfortable home with all the goodies. Below, we’ll go over some of the cool nearby mountain towns you can visit. Call us today for a tour!



Coming from a Dutch word meaning low land and brought over to us by the Dutch miners in the late 1800s, Nederland is in Boulder County at an elevation over 8000 feet. Nederland is definitely small mountain town living with only around 1500 people. The Continental Divide is only about eight miles west of there. It can get cold in the winter, but is the perfect place to visit and soak in the wonders of nature and the mountains.

Black Hawk

If you’ve heard of Black Hawk or been there, it was probably because of its casinos. Surprisingly, it’s the least populous city in Colorado with less than 150 people. It was founded during the mining rush for gold and silver in the mid-1800s, but declined afterwards. However, when casino gambling was established in 1991, Black Hawk has seen a revival. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want an idea of what the Wild West must have been like and if you like gambling.

Idaho Springs

Sitting in the mountains just 30 miles west of Denver, Idaho Springs is located in Clear Creek Canyon. It’s name was thought to have come from annual visits from a Native American tribe who would venture here from Idaho to visit the hot springs. Another town that was founded due to the Colorado Gold Rush in 1859, it currently has about 2000 people. Many people live here and then work at Loveland Ski Resort just up the road. Today, this little town is a great way to spend the day, and it’s a frequent stopping point for those looking to climb Mount Evans, a 14’er that is just 28 miles south of Idaho Springs.

Coal Creek

Coal Creek got its name because of coal that was discovered there in the 1870s. It grew to a bustling town by the 1880s, boasting a grocery store, 16 saloons, a theatre, and a macaroni factory. It grew to a town of about 5000 but once coal mining stopped, it shrank, and now today it’s about half of that in population. Being in the mountains, there is tons to see and do there, from hiking and climbing to picnicking near Gross Reservoir. It’s a great little trip from Broomfield.


Stonegate Living Apartments, located in Broomfield, are the best luxury apartments in the area. Our location makes commuting to work easy and quick. Our amenities, such as a 24-hour gym and washer and dryer, can save you money. Our pet-friendly apartments allows Fido and Fluffy to live with you. We often hold community events, such as pet pool plunges and pumpkin carving, and we encourage you to get to know your neighbors. Our friendly staff is always available to meet your maintenance requests promptly and to answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for luxury apartments in Broomfield, contact us today for a tour!