gym at stonegate living apartments broomfield

It’s hard to get into a fitness routine. After all, fitness is work. You have to stress your muscles and your body in order to get a response. Most of the time, the response we desire is weight loss. However, by stressing our systems, we make them stronger and better able to handle all that life hands us. And living in the beautiful state of Colorado, there are plenty of stressors we want to be able to handle, such as hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park or climbing a 14’er. Being in Colorado beckons an outdoor lifestyle, and being able to enjoy it to the fullest makes life worth living.

Stonegate Living in Broomfield offers luxury apartments just minutes from Boulder and Denver. You’ll have beautiful views from your private balcony, as well as spacious apartments and a pool. Another amenity you’ll have access to is our 24-hour gym, which has top-of-the-line equipment for your use. There are many benefits to having a gym in your apartment complex. Continue reading to learn more, and then contact us today to tour our luxury apartments!



When you have a gym in your apartment complex, you’ll truly have no excuse not to go. After all, the gym is merely a few hundred feet (at most) away from you. Either before work or after work, you can squeeze in a 20 minute or 30 minute workout, which is time you normally would have spent commuting to the gym anyways. You won’t have the hassle of parking, or of walking in the snow and then having to change your shoes when you get inside the gym. You can literally wake up, throw on your gym clothes, and be warming up on the treadmill in under five minutes. It truly doesn’t get any more convenient that that!

Less Crowded

If you’ve been a member of a gym for very long, you’ll know that there are peak hours and non-peak hours. Convenient times for most people are before and after work. However, at peak hours, often times all of the cardio machines are filled up, the pool lap lanes are overflowing, and there’s hardly room to walk around. Plus, if you’re self-conscious about working out (which a lot of people are), it can be especially intimidating to work out with hundreds of others. However, when your luxury apartment complex has a gym for your use, such as the gym at Stonegate Living in Broomfield, you’ll most likely be the only one using it, or at the least maybe a few other people. This makes doing your own thing incredibly comforting and motivating the hit the gym more.

Save Money

Gym memberships can be incredibly expensive. Some even make you sign contracts that can charge a fee to get out of. And if you can’t make it to the gym, you are wasting your hard-earned money. Here at Stonegate Living, our gym in Broomfield has no additional fees. It is included as an amenity when you live here. It is open 24 hours a day so you can exercise when it’s convenient for you. By living here, you can cancel your other gym membership and save even more money.

Meet Other Residents

If you get into a fitness routine by going at the same time on the same days, odds are you’ll see others who are doing the same thing. Soon, you’ll get to know these other residents, and you may even become friends. You’ll form your own community all because you decided to go to the gym here at Stonegate Living. Let’s face it, living in an apartment can be isolating. Meeting people at the gym makes luxury apartment living fun and exciting.

Makes You Healthier

Exercise is an integral part of our health, especially as we age. You need to continue to push and use your muscles or they will waste away. It’s hard to see the benefits of physical activity, but once you begin a fitness routine and stick to it, you’ll notice those hikes in the mountains are a bit easier and skiing became less tiring. Physical activity is necessary for a great quality of life, and having a gym in your apartment complex makes it easy and makes you healthier.


In addition to a gym at Stonegate Living Apartments in Broomfield, we offer many other amenities, such as a business center, clubhouse, hot tub, playground, swimming pool, a dog wash station, and a bike repair station. Our apartments offer the best floor plans, with nine foot ceilings, air conditioning, ceiling fans, in-home washer and dryer, and gas fireplace. Plus, we have incredible views of the Flatirons and mountains that are very motivating and inspiring.

Stonegate Living is a pet-friendly apartment complex. While we do have certain breed restrictions, we love having dogs and cats around. Your pet is a member of your family, and studies have shown that pets help relieve stress and mitigate depression. After all, who doesn’t love coming home to a wagging tail full of abundant happiness that you’re alive?

Stonegate Living is the luxury apartment complex for you. Perfectly sandwiched between Boulder and Denver, you’ll never be bored with activities to do, and with the mountains so close, you may never be at home! Call us today for a no-obligation tour!