Moving to a new city is an exciting time, especially if you are starting college, kickstarting your career, or looking forward to a bright beginning of another chapter. It can also be overwhelming, though, because you might not know the area well yet or you aren’t sure what you need for your new home. You aren’t sure what to expect and what to look for when renting an apartment. Especially if you are new to Colorado. We understand that you want to know where everything is in relation to one another, if a 20 minute drive is really 20 minutes when traffic’s involved, and how to handle those cold winter months.

This page is designed to be an in-depth insight into what you can expect when you move to Stonegate Living. We offer a number of necessary amenities, both for the apartment and for the community, to provide our tenants a luxury apartment rental experience and make your decision about where to move, easy.

Stonegate Living is a luxury apartment complex in Broomfield, Colorado. Broomfield is one of the best places to live in the state, which is why we only want the best for our tenants. Our apartments come in a number of styles and layouts, offering anything from one to three bedroom rental options, and only the best of services for the very best Colorado living. Explore the outdoors and have easy access to the city. You don’t need to choose between urban and country when you come to Colorado. In Broomfield, you can have it all, and Stonegate Living can provide the best when you do decide to move here.

Our amenities in particular are what make Stonegate stand out from other apartment complexes in Broomfield. We offer luxury apartments that are equipped with amenities both in the apartment and in the greater living community. Not to mention our stand-out location, which is close to the mountains and Denver, it’s close to Boulder making it easily accessible for students, young professionals and families. Stonegate living is away from the noise and bustle, but close to it if you want to get out as well. It’s a perfect mix of whatever you need to make your move most comfortable. Stonegate Living offers luxury apartments near Boulder because we understand everyone needs and wants different things. Yes the cost of living is high, but considering that you will live in one of the most all-around beautiful states in the country, it’s worth it. Ready to move? Here’s what to look for in apartments in Broomfield today.

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

We have a whole list of amenities that we provide in our apartments and in the Stonegate Living community. Our apartments near CU have everything you need without the hassle. We offer apartments with walk-in closets, storage space, and air-conditioning for your convenience. And we have an exclusive 24-Hour Fitness center for tenants, as well as a business center and clubhouse. This makes Stonegate a great place to live for students. Getting ready to move into your first apartment can be overwhelming, because you’re trying to figure out what you need, and need somewhere to live that is helpful for your school experience. Or maybe you are a professor who wants a home close to the school but not right in downtown Boulder. Maybe you are the parents of a young family trying to get settled and can’t afford a whole house just yet, or don’t want too much space. We have plenty of options so everyone can find what they need. Just a few amenities we offer are:

Apartment Amenities

Fully-Equipped Kitchen

Each apartment comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, including an oven, stove, and microwave. Regardless of whether or not you rent a one-bedroom apartment or three, you and your family can have access to the finest kitchen features, and know we will take care of anything should you have issues. For students, this is a huge deal. Sharing a dorm kitchen with everyone on your floor is frustrating. It’s difficult to hold others responsible for cleaning up their mess and the pots and pans are not taken care of. When you share a Stonegate Living apartment with a friend or two, you guarantee a cleaner, frustration-free time when you cook.

A fully-equipped kitchen is also a must for a young professional kick starting their career in their first apartment. We understand that you may not have the need for a full house yet, but you’re ready to be out on your own. You need a full kitchen to feel fully capable of living on your own. It gives you the autonomy you want from an apartment that a kitchenette simply cannot do. Our one-bedroom apartment with a fully-equipped kitchen would also be great for graduate students seeking housing near CU or young couples looking for their first apartment together.

Finally, a full kitchen is a must for a family. You want to be able to make lunches on the go and have enough space for everyone. Our three-bedroom apartments can comfortably house a family of four, and not only has a full kitchen for your convenience, but a dining room and living room as well.

Each apartment is equipped with stylish and modern kitchen features, and ready for use as soon as you move in.

In-Home Washer and Dryer

For students and families, the in-home washer and dryer makes having your own apartment worth it. This is a key feature to look for in apartments near CU Boulder. Students: don’t keep paying for laundry in the dorms and sharing out-of-date, poorly maintained washers and dryers with everyone in your building. At Stonegate Living, you can do laundry your way when you have your own apartment. Avoid the frustration and get going with us here at Stonegate.

For first-time renters, younger adults, and families, an in-home laundry system is a luxury. And considering Stonegate offers the best in luxury apartments, it only makes sense that each unit has its own washer and dryer. We want you to feel at ease in your home and know that your amenities are well taken care of. In the event that anything does happen to your washer or dryer, know that we are always available to help you fix the problem.

Private Balcony and Patio

Enjoy those beautiful Colorado summers from your own private balcony.

Families, take a moment together to watch the sunset from your apartment. By having your own patio, you have an automatic, great way to get outside easily, without having to leave home. Don’t feel like you have to share with everyone, each Stonegate apartment comes with its own balcony.

First time renters: your privacy is important. You should be able to entertain when you want and how you’d like. Open up your doors and feel secure. Take a moment by yourself outside at the end of each day, or step outside to tilt your face into the lightly falling snow and smile, feeling right at home.

Students, some of the greatest memories you can make are out on a patio. Sit back with your friends, talking and laughing, knowing you have your own spot to hang out without having to travel far from home. It’s a great way to enjoy the summer and relax after a long day.

We offer private patios and balconies for each of our apartments because we are all about luxury. This is a great feature to look for when searching for apartments near CU Boulder or rentals in Broomfield. Take advantage of your own private balcony or patio thanks to Stonegate Living now.

Views of City and Mountain

Don’t feel like you have to choose between country and city; when you move into your own Stonegate Living luxury apartment in Broomfield, know that you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful, natural landscapes in the United States. With the Rockies to the west and the city of Denver to the east, you can find everything you need all from your front door.

Stonegate Living is in one of the most desirable locations on the Front Range. When you rent one of our apartments, you have easy access to Boulder, Colorado at your fingertips, and can get to Denver easily, too. Take a hike in any of the surrounding natural areas or commute easily to some of the best skiing in the world. You can also enjoy these views from your private balcony or patio that we mentioned earlier!

Community Amenities

In addition to apartment amenities, the Stonegate Living community is also equipped with a list of features suited for luxury living in Broomfield, Colorado. Our facilities are designed so that everyone in the community can benefit from them and enjoy an easier, enjoyable luxury experience. We have everything from a hot tub to a 24-hour fitness center for you to use. It’s nice to be able to have what you need accessible to you from your home.


We have a community clubhouse that is a great place for you to meet your neighbors and feel involved in your community. Families can feel free to bring their kids here to meet other children in the neighborhood. Or maybe you need a gathering place for your private party. Stonegate Living can arrange it all, based on what you need, when you decide to move in. The Clubhouse, along with many of our other amenities, are available for you to use when you become a part of our community.

Garages Available

Keep your car out of the wind and snow with a garage. Everyone in the Stonegate Living community has the option of having access to their own garage. This is great for families who need more storage or students who don’t want to take the time to brush their cars off in order to get to class on time. If you don’t require a garage, don’t worry. We also have reserved parking, storage space in every apartment, and more.

Apartments Near FlatIron Crossing

Stonegate Living is in the heart of Broomfield, close to all kinds of shopping and restaurants, including FlatIron Crossing: a bustling mall with over 200 retailers. Being so near the mall means that you have easy access to anything you need that the apartments themselves cannot provide. It’s easy access for work and great for students in particular who spend their downtime shopping. FlatIron Crossing has so much to offer, including speciality boutiques, big name brands, and an AMC Theatre near you.


Stonegate Living is close to CU Boulder and great for students, but it is also great for families because we have a playground specifically for our tiniest tenants. Moms, don’t feel stressed or pressured about finding a secure spot for your little one to play. Our playground is close to home and in this access controlled community in Broomfield. The playground features all the essentials kids need to have the most fun, including a slide and swings, and even sits near a big field for them to run in. This would be a great neighborhood for a young family, looking for a place close to Denver but not quite in the city for kids to grow up in.

Location Is Key

We understand better than anyone that just because a housing complex offers luxury amenities, being far out of the way from where you need to go and what you want to see affects your decision about where to move. When you move to Stonegate Living, you can have it all. Our Broomfield location is the perfect halfway point between Denver and Boulder.

How Far Is Broomfield From Boulder?

Broomfield is a short drive to Boulder. Stonegate Living in particular is less than 20 minutes from the CU Boulder campus, making it the perfect spot for students who are renting their first apartment but cannot necessarily afford downtown Boulder. It is also a great location for graduate students and professors with or without families. With traffic, the drive from Stonegate to Boulder can take 30 to 35 minutes.

How Far Is Broomfield From Denver?

Denver is a half hour to an hour long drive from Broomfield, depending on the traffic. This makes it a great spot for those who want easy access to the city without living right in downtown Denver. Broomfield is in a great central location, halfway between Denver and Boulder for easy access to nature and the city. Our apartments even come with views of both for you to enjoy!

Explore The Beauty Of Colorado

Colorado is beautiful no matter where you go. It’s scenic, diverse, and colorful — hence its name!

We are so fortunate to have the prolific Flatirons in our backyard: a mountain with five distinct, slablike peaks, which rise above the forest and are a bucket list item for many to hike and climb. The Flatirons are a 20 minute drive from Stonegate Living. While some may travel hundreds even thousands of miles to see these iconic mountains, you would have the opportunity to visit any time you want.

When you choose to live at Stonegate Living, you are surrounded by opportunities. Whether it is the opportunity of education at CU Boulder or visiting Denver, or the chance to hike unbelievable peaks and ski some of the best slopes in the world, these are all opportunities available to you when you move to Stonegate Living in Broomfield. We don’t just offer amenities through our luxury apartments, we have done our best to build in the most ideal location for everyone no matter what their needs. You can live far enough away from the city to look to the horizon for a colorful Colorado sunset while still being able to visit. Don’t feel like you have to choose between an urban home or the country, have the best of both with Stonegate Living.

When you are looking for an apartment in Broomfield, think of some of these great amenities and take note: Stonegate Living is one of the few living communities that offers all these great luxury features for your convenience.

See our full list of amenities below for a better idea of everything we offer: